All your customer email, chats and files in one place.

Dossier portal

Say goodbye to “where did that email go?”

Intelligent Workspaces

Instantly pinpoint customer emails

Sync your Gmail or Outlook 365 inbox.

Create intelligent workspaces for each client.

Organize client docs, tasks and contacts.

Instantly respond to website chats

Add web site chat in minutes.

Respond to chats on your phone or email.

Auto message site visitors when they return.

Day-to-day conversations have never been more organized.

Assign customer emails to team

Convert emails to tasks and assign them.

Immediately see customer emails

Always get bcc'd when a customer emails anyone.

Get back to customers faster

Automatically identify emails that are open

Like caller ID for your web site, designed for sales.

Reach Out Online

Start live chats with website visitors.

Respond on Mobile

Reply in Gmail, Outlook, or Slack apps.

Chat "Caller ID"

See the identity of site visitors.

The communications app for sales teams using Slack.

Reply to emails right from Slack

You gotta love free

5,000 Slack messages for free.

Website Chat in Slack

Reply in Slack mobile app.

Invite Your Team

Any Slack user can reply.

The Salesforce updater that works so you don't have to.

Update Email Activity in Salesforce

Automatically publish emails to Salesforce.

Send personalized communications.

Templates designed for sales and service teams.

Chat software that checks your CRM.

Recogize leads when they're online and alert sales.


Artificial Intelligence pinpoints leads faster than humans can.


Zero disruption to the ways you already communicate.

Your apps work better when they work together.

Dossier is an app for organizing customer conversations, no matter where it happens, with zero disruption to the ways you already communicate. Based in San Francisco, Dossier is helping business owners, business professionals and teams around the globe intelligently sync their customer communication channels and organize documents, tasks and more. Welcome to a new way to build better customer relationships and a better business. To learn more, watch these videos.

Everything you need to communicate is in one app.

Email, Chat and Messaging

Communicate instantly with customers in the way they prefer.

Gmail & Outlook 365 Sync

All email, files and customer contacts in one place for your team.

Secure Customer Portal

Customers securely log in to view messages and tasks.

Email to Asana Tasks

Automatically convert email requests to Asana tasks.

HubSpot and Salesforce Sync

Update your CRM with contacts, companies and email.

Email to Zendesk Tickets

Automatically send customer emails to Zendesk tickets.

Website and In-App Chat

Messages, files, and tasks on your site or your app.

Skype Video and Audio Calls

One click Skype to start audio or video calls with site visitors.

Chrome and Safari Extension

Notifications and one-click access to customer conversations.

Share Screens

Take and share screenshots with customers for real time support.

Notifications Without CCs

Receive notification for customer emails, even if you're not cc'd.

Search Customer Conversations

Easily search for anything across all customer conversations

Online Presence Detection

See when your customers are online on your site and message them.

Email and Chat Templates

Send customers messages using email or chat templates.

Welcome Forms and Messages

Welcome new customers when signing up on your site.

Send to File Storage

Automatically send file attachments into Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.