Watch This Video on Using Slack for Website Chat.

Talk to leads and customers on your website

Increase engagement by talking live to your website visitors

  1. Instantly greet visitors
  2. Customize to your website colors
Website chat in Slack

Add to your WordPress site in a few clicks

Use the WordPress-certified plugin

Watch the video  

Respond to chats from Slack

Send all your website chats to Slack

  1. Get notified in Slack along with your team
  2. Reply to visitors in Slack channels
  3. Add to Slack in a few clicks

Respond to chats from Gmail or Outlook

Your chats come into your mailbox, so you never miss a beat

  1. Website chats come into your Gmail or Outlook inbox
  2. Designed for Google admins on the Google G Suite Marketplace

Create automatic responses

Dossierbot welcomes your visitors while you respond

  1. Customizable greetings and away messages
  2. Collect visitor contact information without a form

Create leads in CRM

Send your Lead and Chats to Hubspot and Salesforce

  1. Leads created in Salesforce as soon as visitors identify themselves
  2. Hubspot contacts updated with visitor information